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Eagle Information Mapping, Inc., (Eagle) is a Texas Corporation, established in 1991, specializing in the applications of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology for both business and industry. We develop and maintain software solutions and perform consulting services for both upstream and downstream energy companies and other industries.

At Eagle, we are passionate about furthering the use of GIS in the oil and gas industry and helping our customers achieve value from their investment in GIS. We believe in the governance of data and ensuring that the data is the best that it can be.

Eagle Information Mapping, Inc. (Eagle) has an extensive history in the oil and gas industry managing exploration, production, and pipeline data by providing consulting and software services to clean, load, analyze, report, model, and maintain data. Eagle is engaged in the automation of many standard industry work processes including field data collection, quality control, approval, management and distribution. The life cycle of data is our business.

Our company offers separate and unique suites of pipeline data maintenance applications for both the Pipeline Open Data Standard (PODS) and ArcGIS Pipeline Data Model (APDM) data models that are designed to interact directly with the standard forms of these models as well as adapt to custom extensions required by the customer. We also offer a suite of pipelines integrity management and productivity tools that are data model independent. Eagle’s automation tools integrate our software components to provide a full enterprise solution.

Eagle believes in open data models and software architectures. Eagle actively participates in the PODS and APDM organizations who manage two of the most widely implemented data models in the pipeline industry. Through our involvement in the boards and technical committees of these organizations, Eagle has played an important role in building and shaping these data models.

Eagle Information Mapping, Inc. proudly continues to play a significant role in the use and advancement of GIS in the oil and gas industry through our experience, our knowledge of data models and GIS, and our ongoing consulting and product development efforts.

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