Industry Associations

Eagle Information Mapping (Eagle) has been actively involved in the Pipeline Industry as a vendor and as a leader in the development of industry standard data models: Pipeline Open Data Standard (PODS) and the ArcGIS Pipeline Data Model (APDM). Eagle has members who have served on the PODS Board of Directors, APDM Technical Committee, PODS TEchnical Committee and APDM/PODS working/sub-groups.

Eagle members have been involved in some of the original design work on these models adding insight gained through the many years of experience in the Pipeline Industry. Eagle is active in promoting change and growth in these models and has taken an active leadership role in the development and deployment of the PODS Spatial ESRI Geodatabase implementation.

Eagle strives to implement these data models in a standard manner consistent with how the models were originally intended and designed.

Eagle is also an active participant in the ESRI Petroleum User Group (PUG) with staff participating on the PUG Steering Committee and serving as moderators and leaders on the PUG Wiki and PUG List.