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Eagle Information Mapping has integrated a new suite of data input sources into our extensive server-side applications to create a new end-to-end data management life cycle that we call gisgap. We are focused on closing the "gap" in "gis" data via a highly automated yet readily configurable software system that can be customized to your company's business processes!

Everyone deals with an extensive variety of input mechanisms that Eagle calls the global input surge or "gis". These input mechanisms span from desktop and web-enabled data entry, edit ready pdf files, smart phones and remote field devices.

Collecting data is only one step in a process designed to enable the highest degree of accuracy and reliability in your data. Eagle refers to the rest of the data life cycle as the governance automation protocol or "gap". These protocols allow data to move readily from the input tools through various server processes resulting in the delivery of new and updated data with speed and efficiency.

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gisgap incorporates:

  • Machine assisted data collection and edit ready reports for easy data correction and new data entry.  
  • Automated server processes to quickly receive and validate data from a diverse set of input sources.
  • Web access to enable subject matter experts to review, approve or reject data to ensure accuracy.
  • Automated server processes to rapidly load and publish reliable data in a production environment.
  • Automated e-mail alerts, distribution of updated data, and creation of revised edit ready reports.