PODS Product Suite

The PODS Product Suite is a set of tools that includes applications and ESRI ArcMap® Extensions designed to build, edit, manage and deploy a PODS Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) data model. Eagle’s PODS implementation uses the standard PODS model and allows for specific client customization of the model as needed using accepted ‘best-practices’. The standard Eagle PODS implementation supports the users ESRI’s ArcSDE™ technology to manage the spatial component of the data stored in PODS. Currently Eagle supports PODS Implementations in the Oracle or MS SQL Server RDBMS environments.

PDAT FM™ - PDAT Facility Manager (FM) is robust and flexible data management tool used to maintain pipeline assets in a PODS database. PDAT FM allows users to create and manage the pipeline centerline, events on the centerline, events off the centerline, manage PODS domains and centerline coorindate information. The FM product also include a QA/QC module for proving the veracity of data within a PODS model. PDAT FM can be used as a stand-alone application or in conjunction with ESRI’s ArcView™ Product.

PDAT GE™ - PDAT Graphics Engine (GE) is an ESRI ArcMap™ Extension that performs pipeline centerline edits. PDAT GE is designed to manage pipeline geometries within ArcMap™ while supporting all facets of centerline coordinate modifications within the corresponding PODS database.

PDAT Classic/SE™ - PDAT Classic/SE (CLSE) is an ESRI ArcMap™ Extension that provides the means to load PODS centerline and event data from from a PODS data model to a ESRI route Shapefiles™ or Personal Geodatabase™ and into an enterprise ESRI ArcSDE™ database.

PMAT™ - The Pipeline Mapping Analysis Tool (PMAT) is an ESRI ArcMap™ Extension that contains specific tools for managing and analyzing ESRI pipelines, roads, and utilities data stored as ESRI Route features. PMAT makes generating a map, locating a route, stationing location, facilities, or street addresses a simple task for any user.

Bulk Loader - The Bulk Loader tool is an extension to the PDAT FM application. Bulk Loader provides functionality for bulk loading and/or deleting events to/from a PODS data model. The process incorporates the use of standard spread sheet files containing event data. The information is validated and executed against the PODS database as either an upload or delete operation.

Eagle Scribe™ - Scribe is a Web-based RDBMS( Relational Database Management System) reporting tool.  It provides a simple web interface to retrieve reports, whose results are displayed in a web-viewable form, or can be exported as an Microsoft™ Excel™ (xls) document.  It is flexible and based on SQL queries, allowing for simple addition of reports, and management of the reporting service.

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