Free Software and Tools

Free Eagle Tools at the ArcGIS Resource Center

These Eagle-authored ArcGIS Toolbox script tools and models may be downloaded from the Model and Script Tool Gallery at ESRI's ArcGIS Resource Center. Source code (or model logic) in these tools is readily accessible and may be freely modified or used in your own scripts and models, subject to the requirements of the Creative Commons Attribution-Only License.

Polyline Vertices to Points - Convert polylines to points with just an ArcView license using the Polyline Vertices to Points script tool found in the Eagle Generic Tools toolbox.

Eagle Shareware

These Eagle applications and tools are available only from this site. These tools contain proprietary Eagle technology; source code is not accessible. Eagle Shareware applications and tools may be used freely within your organization, subject to the requirements of the Eagle Shareware License.

APDM / PODS ESRI Spatial Tools - This ArcGIS toolbox contains a script tool, Load Centerline from Lines, that loads centerline features (LineLoop, StationSeries and ControlPoint into an APDM 5 / PODS ESRI Spatial 5 geodatabase from an input polyline feature class.

Updated 10/29/10 - Sample geodatabase with RawPipelines feature class (Test.mdb) and blank APDM 5 geodatabase (APDM_V_EIM_Tutorial_20100907.mdb) added.

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