Enterprise GIS Consulting and Services

Let Eagle's expertise work for you! Eagle's senior professional staff brings decades of experience to the application of Geographic Information System (GIS) technology in the pipeline industry. Eagle's focus is on the successful implementation of enterprise-level GIS technology. The focal point of an enterprise GIS implementation is ESRI's ArcGIS Server™ product for the storage, representation and management of GIS data. Equally important is the integration and linkage of GIS data to other enterprise data systems including asset management, work order management, and document management. Eagle has a long track record of successful enterprise GIS implementations, and integration of GIS into the enterprise data and knowledge management infrastructure.

Eagle's technical expertise extends to the design and implementation of pipeline databases around both the Pipeline Open Data Standard (PODS) and the ArcGIS Pipeline Data Model (APDM). Other services include Business Process Improvement (BPI), benchmarking, requirements analysis, system design, configuration, roll-out and training.

Enterprise GIS

Database Design

Eagle staff includes expert database designers and documenters. Eagle staff participate as board members, committee chairs and technical committee members with both the PODS Association and the APDM since their inception. Eagle has been instrumental in the conceptualization of major portions of these data models. Eagle staff members are fully versant in utilizing Computer Assisted Software Engineering (CASE), Unified Modeling Language (UML), and Entity-Relational Diagramming (ER) tools for the development of Logical and Physical data model designs. Eagle regularly creates and implements data models in both the object-relational ESRI Geodatabase and Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) environments.

Business Process Improvement

Part of the reason for Eagle’s record of successful GIS implementations is a unified project management methodology based on the application BPI concepts. The corner stone of this approach is Business Processes, Functional & Interface Requirements Analysis (BPF&IRA). Business process analysis is critical to a successful GIS implementation, because technology alone cannot fix broken business processes. Business process analysis performed in conjunction with effective functional and interface requirements analysis lays the foundation for a successful implementation. As appropriate, BPF&IRA may be combined with a Client Applications Survey (CAS) and/or industry benchmarking to provide and accurate picture of the client's enterprise data infrastructure and current industry best practices. Detailed Source Data Analysis (SDA) and Functional & Data Gap Analysis round out BPF&IRA, allowing our clients to build a road map from the existing "As-Is" state to the desired "To-Be" state.

System Configuration

Eagle has a skilled staff of analysts and developers who are available for installation and configuration of all ESRI, RDBMS, Eagle, Internet and other services/software that are required by our clients.

System Design

Eagle has a strong track record of designing solutions and software. Eagle’s standard project management practices and the results from a Business Processes, Functional & Interface Requirements Analysis (BPF&IRA) provide Eagle with the information required to create a design document for a software product, a database design or a complete GIS Implementation.  Eagle has extensive experience designing software including component, system and architecture design using Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE) and Unified Modeling Language (UML) tools. Eagle utilizes documentation and communication best-practices through out the entire project life cycle to ensure timely and accurate delivery of software and systems.

System Rollout and Support

Eagle has a proven methodology for installing, configuring, and deployment of software and systems during the System Rollout & Training phase of the project lifecycle. The key activity of system rollout is the Site Acceptance Test (SAT). In the SAT, the new system is tested in the client environment, rather than Eagle’s controlled development environment. Included in the SAT is the transition of support for these systems to the client support infrastructure including training system administrators, trainers and GIS analysts/end-users.

To learn more about Enterprise GIS Consulting and Services from Eagle, please request to speak with a GIS consultant.

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