GIS Support and Custom Development

Eagle's commitment to your success includes GIS staffing services. Professional Eagle staff can supplement your own staff by providing on-site and/or remote support under your direction. Eagle is experienced in all facets of GIS implementation including data conversion and migration, developing interfaces between Enterpise data system, FERC and DOT/PHMSA audit support, and custom software development and implementation.

Audit Support

Eagle has a proven track record of supporting pipeline clients before, during and after FERC and DOT/PHMSA pipeline audits. Eagle will provide data, documentation of work flows and algorithms, and software to illustrate results of high consequence analysis processing, risk analysis, reporting and other auditable regulatory requirements. Eagle regularly receives high marks from auditors.

Custom Development

Eagle will enter into collaborative software development with organizations to create custom state-of-the-art software solutions. Eagle delivers custom software products on the Microsoft and ESRI platforms including desktop and web development as needed. Eagle is always striving to develop flexible solutions may be leveraged in other environments. Eagle has a proven track record of custom software implementation that includes requirements analysis, functional specification, design specifications, project planning/management, application development, testing, documentation, roll-out and training.

Data Conversion and Migration

Many GIS projects include the migration of data from existing non-digital or digital sources into an enterprise GIS repository. Eagle has a proven methodology for integrating commercial GIS data and proprietary client data sources into industry standard Pipeline and Petroleum data models. The methodology used includes: source data analysis, logical and physical data model design, and data conversion.

Data conversion involves the creation of a data acquisition, conversion and loading plan. This plan includes QA/QC and data acceptance criteria. Eagle can create, as required by the project, tools that can facilitate the conversion process including the use of Eagle’s own PDMT Data Loader, PDAT-FM Bulk Loader, Route Replicator and PDAT GPT tools.

Enterprise System Interfaces

Eagle is focused on providing enterprise level GIS and the services that allow other systems to integrate seamlessly with GIS. To this end, Eagle has developed expertise in designing database and services architecture for integrating your GIS system with other enterprise systems, such as Document or Content Management, Asset Management, One Call, Integrity Management, Reporting Services and Accounting/Financial Systems.

To learn more about GIS Custom Development and Enterprise GIS Support solutions from Eagle, please request to speak with a GIS specialist.

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