Pipeline Integrity Management Services

Eagle has extensive experience helping transmission pipeline and gathering system operators address the pipeline Integrity Management Program (IMP) requirements set forth by the Office of Pipeline Safety (OPS) for both hazardous liquids and natural gas.  Eagle offers a comprehensive solution of computing infrastructure, software, staffing and services to help meet client needs for ‘Segment Identification’, ‘Risk Analysis’, and ‘Preventive & Mitigative Measures’ compliance requirements. Our goal is help your company analyze and address long term integrity management objectives.

Eagle is the only company in the pipeline GIS Industry that offers a full set of Pipeline GIS Integrity Management software for both Pipeline Open Data Standard (PODS) and the ArcGIS Pipeline Data Model (APDM). Eagle’s products can also be configured to work with data that is not stored in a structured data model. Eagle’s Integrity Management Team uses Eagle’s own software to perform Liquids HCA, Gas HCA, EFRD, Re-Route and RISK Analysis.

Eagle provides Integrity Analysis services to clients for existing and proposed pipeline segments by creating HCA projects, performing the analysis and delivering the results as in both report and GIS data formats.

The techniques Eagle employs address modeling for natural gas, crude and refined products, and highly volatile liquids releases. In all instances the actual physical properties of the product are modeled under realistic ambient conditions.

To learn more about how Eagle can help you with Pipeline Integrity Management, request to speak with a specialist.

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