Pipeline GIS Software

Since the beginning of Eagle, we have been respected throughout the GIS industry for our skills as software developers. Over the years, Eagle has developed tools for a variety of purposes in several industries. With solutions for productivity, analysis, and even the internet, Eagle serves both the end user and the administrator. With Eagle software integrated with your GIS, you will find the flexibility of off-the-shelf applications and the power of customized products while enhancing both productivity and efficiency.

Eagle offers 100% ESRI Based Applications!

Eagle is the only company in the pipeline GIS Industry that offers separate and unique suites of data maintenance applications for both Pipeline Open Data Standard (PODS) and the ESRI ArcGIS Pipeline Data Model (APDM) that are designed to interact directly with these two data models (without the need for middle-ware, intermediate data stores, or “black boxes”). Eagle also offers a suite of pipeline integrity management and productivity tools that are data model model independent.