Pipeline Integrity Products

Eagle offers an encompassing suite of Pipeline Integrity Management software solutions for both gas and liquids pipelines. Like most Eagle software, Eagle’s Integrity Software Products work against data stored in industry standard pipeline data models such as the Pipeline Open Data Standard (PODS), the ArcGIS Pipeline Data Model (APDM), and also with data that is not stored in a standard data model. Each of Eagle’s Integrity Products are implemented ESRI ArcMap™ extensions and incorporate GIS spatial analysis-based processing.

Data Calibrator™ - Data Calibrator provides a means to calibrate non-stationed pipeline inline inspection and above ground survey data to your GIS pipeline centerline. Data Calibrator can be customized to read any inline or above ground inspection data templates delivered in spreadsheet format. Data Calibrator can be configured to facilitate the upload of calibrated data to an enterprise PODS, PODS ESRI Spatial or APDM database.

HCA Analysis Tool (Liquid)™ - Eagle's PROFHT™ (Pipeline Release, Overland Flow, and Hydrographic Transport) Analysis tool uses a systematic, repeatable, physically-based modeling process to analyze liquid product release trajectories and determine potential impacts to High Consequence Areas (HCAs) consistent with the requirements of 49 CFR § 195.452 and Appendix C. PROFHT performs its computations at a user-specified interval along the pipeline. Release characteristics are modeled dynamically along the release trajectory, including properties such as column height, product losses (evaporation, adhesion, infiltration), elapsed time and remaining volume.

EFRD Placement Tool - No other pipeline software vendor offers a product similar to Eagle's Emergency Flow Restriction Device (EFRD) placement evaluation application. The EFRD tool is a standalone application that can, optionally, work in conjunction with Eagle's HCA PROFHT Analysis results. In compliance with 49 CFR § 195.452, the EFRD tool can model and evaluate the effectiveness of existing emergency flow restriction devices and identify potential locations for new EFRDs. The tool analyzes the effectiveness of proposed EFRDs and prioritizes potential EFRD installations according their ability to prevent or mitigate release impact to HCAs. The EFRD software has the ability to allow users to set up, run, visulaize and report on individual EFRD projects.

Gas HCA™ - Eagle's Gas HCA tool performs DOT Class Location analysis, HCA identification for gas transmission lines, and regulated segment identification for gas gathering lines (per 49 CFR § 192.5, § 192.903-5, and § 192.8, respectively). The Gas HCA tool also performs Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure (MAOP) calculations per 49 CFR § 192.619. The Gas HCA tool provides the ability to perform "delta" analysis across the results of different tool runs, facilitating tracking of changes in class locations, HCA and regulated segments, and MAOP.

RISK - Eagle’s RISK tool is a highly flexible and configurable tool for calculating relative risk for pipelines. The RISK tool incorporates Eagle's GeoProcessing Toolkit™ (GPT) to perform GIS-based dynamic segmentation, risk calculations and risk results "roll-up" (summarization) operations. The RISK tool can be extended through GPT to integrate with other Eagle applications including automatic Alignment Sheet generation using Eagle’s TurboRoute™ product. Eagle’s RISK tool has a flexible architecture and functionality for handling NULL or missing values, automated upload of RISK results to an enterprise GIS data store, and the functionality of GPT for pre-processing, querying and parsing GIS data as input to the segmentation and RISK calculations.

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