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AAPG Offers Shale Plays Course in November


As our knowledge and understanding of shale plays (both gas and liquids) deepens every day, it becomes increasingly evident that in order to maximize potential returns, an integrated approach to shale plays is important. Geologists, engineers, geophysicists, petrophysicists, and geochemists need to talk to each other to develop a deeper and more complete picture of what is really happening with the reservoirs as well as the larger trends.

AAPG Holds Exploration in the Bakken Petroleum System Workshop

AAPG Workshop

Want to understand factors related to tight oil production? Attend AAPG’s Exploration in the Bakken Petroleum System, in Houston at the Fall Education Conference on September 17th.

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AAPG Hosts Course on Understanding U.S. Shale Plays in Houston


What is the best way to use integrated data to analyze different shale plays in the U.S.? Join us for a dynamic short course, Understanding Heterogeneity in U.S. Shale Plays, that will cover best practices for each of the major U.S. shales. It will be offered on September 19, in Houston at the AAPG Fall Education Conference.

AAPG Holds Geochemistry for Condensate-Rich Shales & Tight Oil Course


How can you gain an in-depth understanding of the geochemical profile of liquids-rich shale plays? Don’t miss Christopher Laughrey’s Introductory Geochemistry for Condensate-Rich Shales and Tight Oil, in Houston at the AAPG Fall Education Conference on September 20.

AAPG 2013 Annual Convention & Exhibition Now Accepting Abstracts


Get in the game with AAPG 2013 ACE in Pittsburgh. The committee has put together an all-star lineup for this comprehensive program. Abstracts will be accepted online through 11 October 2012.

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AAPG Fall Education Conference Offers Mix of Geoscience Training


The AAPG Fall Education Conference offers five straight days of Geoscience training, plus three concurrent sessions to mix and match according to your interests.

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AAPG Offers Hydraulic Fracturing Geosciences Technology Workshop

AAPG Hydraulic Fracturing Workshop Event

Don’t miss the newest, perhaps most interdisciplinary hydraulic fracturing presentation & discussion-based conference this year. The AAPG Hydraulic Fracturing: New Controversies and Key Plays Geosciences Technology Workshop will take place August 13-15, 2012 in Golden, Colorado, and will feature more than 30 high-level presenters, and an open discussion forum, will focus on new developments in hydraulic fracturing with an emphasis on the importance of understanding the geology, rock properties, geomechanics, geochemistry, reservoir fluids, natural fracture systems and the nature of the reservoir itself. The approach is multi-disciplinary, and exploration and production issues will be expanded to consider environmental concerns, new technologies, and new findings about the reservoirs themselves.

AAPG ICE Hosts Field Trips to Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia & Borneo


Don’t miss your chance to explore Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia or Borneo. Sign up for a field trip and explore new vistas with AAPG ICE. Please register for field trips well before 29 June 2012 as cancellations due to low enrollment will be made shortly after this date.

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AAPG Hosts Risk Reduction with GIS and Modeling Software Short Course


Risk Reduction for Plays and Prospects using Quantitative Show, Seal and Migration Analysis with GIS and Petroleum Systems Modeling Software is the subject of a short course taught at AAPG’s Summer Education Conference in Fort Worth. The course, which will be held on June 20, emphasizes using all your tools (seismic, logs, cuttings, fluid inclusions, etc.) to evaluate dry holes, your drilling well or fields to look for the next successful location. The instructor, John Dolson, is a professor at the University of Miami.

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AAPG and Texas A&M Offer Energy Leadership Track


AAPG is working with Texas A&M Texarkana (TAMUT) to build curriculum with TAMUT’s MBA program and offer a new Energy Leadership track. The Energy Leadership Track takes a global view and is designed to provide business change agents and leaders with the information they need to make strategic decisions, build enterprises, and direct the development of services. The courses emphasize upstream (exploration and production) aspects of the industry, with some midstream and downstream (production, transportation, and refining) fundamentals. The program, offered through Texas A&M Texarkana’s College of Business Administration, is 100% online and ideal for working professionals.

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